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About Jam By Hedayat

A Design Jam is an idea factory based on collaboration.
In the design field, jams (or charettes) are employed as one of the many stages of a larger planning, strategy and design process undertaken by the lead design organization.

About JAM by Hedayat:
After working for twenty years in residential and commercial interior design projects as Eklego Design’s founding partner, Hedayat moved to London with her family.

Jam Space UK was established by Hedayat in 2014 building on her 20 years of experience, as well as her passion for textiles, handcrafted furniture and original designs.

In 2015 Jam Space’s first pattern collection was launched and since then a further four collections were created and launched. The collections have since garnered media attention as well as been shortlisted for various awards.

In 2019 Jam By Hedayat was launched as a fresh platform, which strongly focusses on Interior Design projects in the UK and Europe. Jam By Hedayat will also offer the varied collections of fabric and wallpaper designs developed by Hedayat in collaboration with partners.

In 2019 Jam By Hedayat launched its first Homeware and Lighting collection in Egypt.

Hedayat continues to work on projects and consults for Eklego in Egypt and in the UK.